WATCH: Chrisean Rock Breaks Down in Tears After Blueface Maliciously Shares Images of Their Son’s Herniated Genitals Online

by Xara Aziz
Zeus Network

An inappropriate image rapper Blueface shared with his 1 million followers on Twitter has Chrisean Rock on Instagram Live in tears.

On Monday, Chrisean took to social media to address images Blueface shared showing their son’s herniated genitals.

“I’m thinking he just mad about me not singing to MILF Music, for real,” Chrisean Rock explained on Instagram. “I only did the video just to be cool with him. Because I know the type of people he is. If you not cool with him, he gon’ try to play those bitter roles. Start using court, and lawyers and CPS. I’m cool…on anything you on.”

She continued: “But when it got to the nitty gritty of changing the name, I couldn’t change the name. I don’t want to. When it got to the nitty gritty to sign paperwork with MILF Music, I don’t want to. I didn’t do it. And then, when he want my checks back into his name, I didn’t want to do it. So, you post a picture of my son for clout. Why are you posting our son, bro?” she added before breaking down in tears.

She then went on to post another video blasting Blueface.

“Posting your son hernia. For who to laugh at?” she questioned. “This is an innocent child, bro. You f**ked up. That’s all I gotta say, you f**ked up. And it’s crazy, I got cool with you thinking it was gon’ save us. It just made you worse.”

Before Chrisean took to Instagram, Blueface shared his son’s genitals on his Twitter account with the caption: “This what my son d**k look like and she worried about me and lil baby c*ck like bih get our son c*ck right then do what you want.”

He immediately faced backlash for sharing the image. He has since deleted the post and says his phone was stolen and his account was hacked.

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