Meagan Good Faces Renewed Secret Marriage Rumors

by Gee NY

The rumor mill was once again ignited on Oct. 23, suggesting that actress Meagan Good might have secretly tied the knot with her rumored partner, Jonathan Majors.

In September, the spotlight turned to Jonathan Majors when he made headlines, sparking speculation that he and his girlfriend, Meagan Good, had officially taken their relationship to the next level.

The 34-year-old star expressed his appreciation during the Congressional Black Caucus’ eighth annual Black and White Gala, and when referring to Meagan Good, who is 42, he playfully stated, “Y’all heard the missus, so that’s what it is.”

His comment quickly circulated online, leading many to speculate that they had secretly gotten married. However, shortly after the rumors began to spread, a source close to the couple clarified that Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors were not married but remained in a romantic relationship.

Fast forward to the present, and once again, the wedding rumor mill is churning, and this time it’s fueled by legal correspondent Dennis Byron.

On Monday, Oct 23, the prominent journalist posted on social media, “Meagan Good-Majors, congrats!”

As expected, the public’s reactions were swift.

While some responded with disbelief, there were those who offered their congratulations and defended the couple’s privacy.

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One person commented: “So I’ve decided to UNSEE this news xoxo”

“this thread is filled with jealous people that don’t even have accountability for themselves to be making comments on their marriage. congrats jon and megan good-majors” someone said.

If these rumors prove true, it would mark Meagan Good’s second marriage, having previously been married to renowned author DeVon Franklin, who is 45 years old.

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