WATCH: Chrisean Rock Gets Emotional While Making Surprise Donation to Church Who Helped Her When She Was at Her Lowest Point

by Xara Aziz
YouTube via Smart Christians Channel

Chrisean Rock, a woman who is no stranger to controversy, is receiving praise after donating a large sum of money to a church she attended during her childhood.

In a clip that recently surfaced online, the reality star is seen on stage with Dr. Mike Freeman, who she spoke with about coming into her religion.

She said she could still “feel the presence of God,” adding that she felt “motivated and amped up” about the word of God.

“It’s what you owe him,” she said about the duty of churchgoers to provide tithes and offerings.

“I didn’t have nothing to give and I was hungry,” the 23-year-old Baltimore native revealed about harder times.

She further revealed that a man on the street had given her $5 to get something to eat, but instead, she decided to give it to the pastor of her church.

“This could be some McDonald’s money,” she recalled about what she could have done with the money.

She then stated that Dr. Freeman ended up giving her all the donations from that day’s service. He later asked her what she planned to do with it.

“It was a clear understanding,” Chisean said with tears in her eyes. “I couldn’t explain what it was. It was beautiful.”

She then pulled a large sum of cash out of her pocket and gave it to the pastor.

“Chrisean, what?” he rhetorically asked in a state of shock.

“That’s how you gave it to me,” she responded.

He then asked her if she was sure she wanted to donate so much, to which she responded: “That’s what the Lord put on my heart.”

Hundreds of people commented on the video once it was uploaded to YouTube.

“This is such a clear and useful teaching!” one user wrote. “Show love and share the gospel. Amen brother.”

“I’ll pray for her because I don’t believe that she is a demon,” wrote another. “I can tell that she has some issues and that we all have some issues when it comes to sin. God can forgive her and God does love her no matter what.”

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