We May Get a Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills Verzuz After All

by Shine My Crown Staff

R&B icon Stephanie Mills has claimed that she and legend Chaka Khan were down to do a Verzuz battle but that the Verzuz crew were not interested.

Mills revealed the news during an interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

“You talk about getting your flowers, have you been approached about doing Verzuz?,” Charlamagne asked her.

“I think we tried. George, who’s Chaka’s manager and my manager reached out to them but they weren’t interested,” she responded.

She confirmed that the “I Feel For You” singer was interested in battling it out online.

“Chaka was interested, we were gonna do it but the Verzuz people weren’t interested.”

Charlamagne then quizzed Mills on who it was who turned them down.

“Who did they talk to? Did Amp [Stephanie’s manager] talk to Swizz and Tim? I don’t believe Swizz and Tim would turn that down. It couldn’t have been Swizz and Tim.”

At that point, Mills’ manager walked in to confirm that they were in talks with Verzuz to make the battle happen.

“Oh now they want to do it. F*ck ’em. I don’t want to do it,” Mills quipped. “Now they want to do it. N*ggas, n*ggaaaas.”

This week, Mills found herself at the center of the Trick Daddy/Beyonce drama when he claimed that Bey could not sing — comparing her to the “Feel the Fire” singer.

“That’s my opinion! Beyoncé the number one performer I ever seen besides Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. Can she ‘sing?’ Yeah. She can’t ‘SANG!’ She ain’t in my top! Beyoncé ain’t Stephanie Mills. She ain’t Patti LaBelle,” said Trick. “She ain’t Whitney Houston — Mariah Carey! She ain’t Adele, but that’s my opinion! She might be your Adele. She might be your Whitney Houston — that’s my opinion!”

They BeyHive has been coming for Trick Daddy’s neck ever since.

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