Video Of Monica Reflecting On How Whitney Houston Came Through For Her At Her Lowest Point Pops Up

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In 2022, a decade after the tragic loss of the iconic Whitney Houston, singer Monica shared poignant reflections on the enduring legacy left by her friend and mentor.

In an exclusive interview with ET’s Kevin Frazier, Monica, a GRAMMY-winning artist herself, delves into the profound impact Whitney had on her life and the music industry.

Monica vividly recalls Whitney’s infectious smile, describing it as a constant beacon of warmth and positivity.

“No matter what was happening, her smile was the first thing you saw. Even on a sad day, she would smile at you first… Selflessness, that was her,” Monica reminisces.

Speaking about one of her last encounters with the late legend during rehearsals for the 2012 GRAMMY Awards, Monica shares Whitney’s empowering words:

“You got it. Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter who’s watching. You’re the greatest of the great.”

Reflecting on the valuable lessons imparted by Whitney, Monica reveals the personal advice she received.

“Don’t forget who you are… Don’t let them make you forget.” Whitney emphasized the importance of self-awareness, urging Monica not to overlook her own significance amid the demands of the music industry and personal relationships.

Monica acknowledged that, like Whitney, she often tends to prioritize others over herself.

“I oftentimes feel indebted when people do things for me or when people work for me. I forget… the greatest lesson from her is that I matter, that I’m important,” she confesses.

Drawing parallels between her own journey and Whitney’s teachings, Monica expresses her commitment to giving more to others but emphasizes the need to remember her own worth.

“When they work for other people, they won’t get what they get from me… and that’s what connected us,” she states.

As the interview touches upon Whitney’s unparalleled vocal prowess, Monica asserts:

“No voice has come close” to Whitney’s universally acclaimed vocals. She commended Whitney’s sacrifices, emphasizing her unmatched influence on music history.

Monica credited social media for preserving Whitney’s legacy, allowing fans to delve into the reasons she deems Whitney “the greatest of our time.” Noting that Whitney’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” remains unparalleled, Monica asserts that “when Whitney touched something, it became hers.”

Monica also dismissed tabloid controversies, emphasizing that Whitney’s legacy shines through the genuine impact she made.

“The memories are there, the history is there, the charts are there… it’s real, it’s there,” Monica affirmed.

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