Wendy Williams’ Guardian Accused Of Stealing Money: ‘She’s Come In And Depleted The Account’

by Gee NY
Wendy Williams. Insert: Kevin Hunter

During a recent court hearing regarding alimony payments, Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, raised concerns about the financial management under the guardianship of Sabrina Morrissey.

Hunter accused Morrissey of clandestinely siphoning funds from Williams’ accounts, which he believes is the motive behind her reluctance to disclose financial records.

Hunter expressed his suspicions to the judge, stating:

“Ms. Morrissey has given me no reason for stopping the payments. If Ms. Morrissey had tried to modify the records, that would be different.”

He further added:

“I’m not just concerned about the money; she’s come in and swooped in and depleted the account in that time…This has become a real travesty.”

The ongoing legal battle stems from Hunter’s efforts to resume his divorce settlement checks from Williams, which were abruptly cut off in 2022.

Morrissey, appointed as Williams’ guardian following her dementia diagnosis, contends that Hunter is not entitled to further payments as Williams’ income has fallen below the agreed-upon threshold.

Sabrina Morrissey

Additionally, Morrissey argues that Hunter has been overpaid and should reimburse any surplus funds.

Despite Hunter’s requests, Morrissey has refused to grant him access to Williams’ financial statements.

However, the presiding court judge deemed Morrissey’s actions unreasonable and ordered her to provide the requested documents.

The judge touch on the necessity of full disclosure for reaching a settlement, stating:

“People won’t settle if they don’t have all the info, so I don’t know why they don’t have information.”

In response to Morrissey’s claims of financial scarcity, Hunter raised suspicions about Williams’ recent earnings, particularly from her Lifetime documentary.

He questioned Morrissey’s assertions, pointing out discrepancies between reported earnings and lavish expenditures associated with the production.

Despite Hunter’s insinuations, the court judge mandated Morrissey to furnish the financial documents and advised further dispute resolution through arbitration.

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