Brittish Williams’ Attorney Breaks Down What Led To Reality Star’s 4-Year Prison Sentence

by Gee NY

Former attorney for reality star Brittish Williams, Jason Korner, has publicly commented on the recent 4-year jail sentence slapped on her over fraud charges.

Korner revealed in a TikTok video that Williams refused to heed his counsel, and her “attitude” likely influenced the judge’s decision.

In the now-deleted video, Korner explained:

“Brittish Williams was sentenced to four years in prison yesterday in Federal court in St. Louis…I initially represented her on the case, unfortunately she was just one of those clients, that she wouldn’t listen. She wouldn’t understand the strategy that I was talking to her about for her case. Just things that are best practices when on pre-trial release in federal court…and eventually we chose not to continue representation.”

Korner suggested that the public’s scrutiny of Williams’ sentencing, characterized as a “first offense white-collar” case, was unwarranted. He attributed the court’s lack of leniency to Williams’ own actions and “attitude” towards her situation:

“Really, this is what happens when you don’t listen to your lawyer, when you don’t want to change your ways, take responsibility when you have a case pending, especially in federal court. I believe that that’s…nearly entirely where her 4-year sentence came from was just her ongoing attitude and behaviors.”

The lawyer concluded by advising others to heed the lesson from Williams’ situation and listen to their legal representation if they ever find themselves “in the system.” It remains unclear what specific behaviors the attorney was referencing.

During Williams’ trial, she made several attempts to continue working, including requesting the removal of her ankle monitor after losing a deal with Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty clothing line, which was denied.

In another motion, the TV star sought permission to travel to Mexico and film for “Basketball Wives.” The court judge denied this request as well.

While it’s uncertain whether the judge perceived these actions as Williams not taking the matter seriously, something seemed to have troubled the government professional throughout the trial. Williams was found guilty of multiple felony counts of fraud, including writing bad checks and participating in wire fraud and identity theft.

As of now, there has been no response from Williams regarding Korner’s claims.

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