Thousands On Social Media Slam Wendy Williams’s Guardian After Famed TV Host’s NYC Penthouse Sold For ‘Much Less’

by Gee NY
Wendy Williams. Image Credit: Lifetime Trailer.

Wendy Williams’ Guardian has recently faced a storm of social media reactions following reports of the sale of the famed TV host’s New York City penthouse at a significant loss.

According to Daily Mail, Williams’ three-bedroom penthouse was sold for $3.75 million, marking a staggering loss of $822,000 from its purchase price in July 2021.

This financial downturn comes amidst reports of overdue taxes amounting to nearly $570,000.

Sabrina Morrissey, appointed as Williams’ financial guardian, has been overseeing her affairs for the past two years, during which the tax balances went unpaid.

Williams’ caregiver confirmed her diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia and primary progressive aphasia, stating that while she retains some independence and humor, she requires specialized care.

The expansive terrace of the penthouse overlooking the Hudson River. MLS

The recent Lifetime documentary “Where is Wendy Williams?” highlighted her health struggles, including the impact of alcohol consumption on her cognitive health.

Social media users expressed outrage and concern over Williams’ situation, with many alleging financial exploitation and questioning the legal guardianship process.

Comments on platforms like Twitter and Instagram reflected a sentiment of injustice and empathy for Williams, with users criticizing the court’s decision to appoint a guardian over her affairs instead of involving her family.

“The Guardian stealing all Wendy’s money and the courts are allowing it,” one user posted on Instagram, echoing the sentiments of many who expressed dismay at the reported financial mismanagement.

Another user criticized the legal system, stating:

“Judges appoint their friends and family guardianship over random rich people. Then they rob them blind.”

For many, the outcry on social media underscores the need for greater awareness and support for individuals facing health challenges like frontotemporal dementia.

The storm of critical reaction on social media is a call for scrutiny over guardianship practices to ensure the protection of vulnerable individuals like Wendy Williams.

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