Friends Call Wendy Williams’ Guardianship ‘Sinister’ Amid ‘Where Is Wendy’ Documentary Fallout

by Gee NY
Wendy Williams || Image credit: @therealwendywilliamsonline

Wendy Williams’ closest friends are raising alarms about her court-appointed guardianship, claiming the TV host is being secluded from her loved ones under suspicious circumstances.

Williams, a former New York radio personality, was last seen in Lifetime’s four-part documentary, “Where Is Wendy Williams?”, released in February.

The documentary, filmed between August 2022 and April 2023, provided the most recent public sighting of Williams.

Before this, she was photographed in New York in May of last year.

Regina Schell, Williams’ longtime friend, suspects that her guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, might have ulterior motives, preventing Williams from receiving proper care and contact with her family and the public.

Morrissey was appointed as her guardian in May 2022 after Williams’ health issues forced her departure from “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Williams has faced struggles with alcoholism, drug use, and has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. The documentary revealed the depth of her cognitive issues and addiction battles.

According to Morrissey, Williams is being treated at a rehab facility, but her inner circle remains uninformed of her location and is unable to contact the 59-year-old.

“Talking is Wendy’s life, her whole claim to fame is talking, and I don’t think she would be this quiet unless she was forced to be quiet,” Schell told The U.S. Sun. “Where is Wendy and why is no one asking that question? And why is no one answering that question? Why can’t they produce Wendy, or an actual statement from Wendy, or a picture of Wendy? Where is Wendy?”

Schell, who has known Williams since high school, said they used to speak multiple times a day, but she has not heard from her friend in over a year.

She also claimed to have lived with Williams for months during the summer of 2022 in New York and later in California.

In a previous interview with NewsNation, Schell criticized Morrissey for being slow to respond to Williams’ needs, noting that Wendy was unable to spend her money without the guardian’s approval.

“So, every time she had to do anything that she had to pay for, she had to go through the guardian,” Schell told Chris Cuomo in February, soon after the documentary’s release.

She also alleged that delays would leave Wendy without food for hours.

Schell further claimed that Williams is “somewhere that she can’t reach a phone because Wendy can always get to a phone. If she could get to a phone, she’d be calling me. I think she should be surrounded by family and friends and people who love and support her, instead of some stranger who has her who knows where.”

Following the documentary’s airing, Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, accused the production of exploiting her. Several of Williams’ family members, including her sister Wanda, son Kevin Jr., and a niece and nephew, participated in the documentary.

Schell questioned the guardianship’s motives:

“What is the endgame? How does this end when her money is gone? Where is she? It’s got a sinister vibe to it. That’s what gets me. There’s something about it that just doesn’t feel right. … There’s no sign of her beyond a statement that was made which doesn’t sound like her at all.”

Concerns about Williams’ financial legacy being squandered have also surfaced, particularly after her New York penthouse sold in May for $3.75 million, a loss from its $4.5 million purchase price three years earlier.

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