We’re Calling It: Blackberry Sangria Is Winter’s *It* Color

by Danielle Bennett
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Hair color is still in a weird place. 

Time between hair appointments is stretched beyond its limits, if not canceled altogether. And the hesitance to ditch subtle, darker shades (especially during winter)? Understandably common. 

Although we know a color switch might seem daunting these days, on the other hand, we urge you to contemplate a fresh, exciting idea…burgundy hair! 

This reddish-brown shade is an anomaly. It covers a variety of gorgeous tones that flatter all complexions, curl patterns and lengths. It’s incredibly easy to wear!

When it comes to rocking a new burgundy look, there are many ways you can go.  From all-over tones in deep cabernet and plum, to barely highlighted maroon and claret-tinted hues or anything in between, you will surely find your it-color! 

Burgundy is the color of the season and inspiration is everywhere! Ahead are six gems to screenshot for your next appointment.

Blue Burgundy

Beautiful burgundy-to-blue blends complement everything!

Dark Plum

This mixture of burgundy and purple shades commands attention!  Keep color-safe shampoos, conditioners and heat protectants on hand to preserve its vibrancy. 

Blackberry Sangria

Maroon-violet tones anchored by a red base deliver non-stop sophistication.   


A wine-colored, violet-based shade, merlot beautifully flatters darker complexions.


A blend of burgundy-red and brown oak, bordeaux gracefully warms up naturally dark hair.


The deep under-color of this playful, fantasy look takes on more of a violet tone instead of red. Mix with copper, orange and pink highlights to create fun, dynamic warmth and depth.

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