Woman Accidentally Hits Her Son With A Car While Trying To Strike Boy Who Was Fighting Him

by Gee NY

An over-protective Florida mom is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after an incident on Nov. 28.

On Monday, Quantavia Samuel, aged 33, was apprehended and is currently held on a $15,000 bond, according to jail records.

The incident unfolded near Northwest Fifth Avenue and 77th Street in Miami. Samuel informed investigators that she had instructed her 12-year-old to retrieve his brother’s book bag from a friend’s house, as reported by WPLG-TV, citing an arrest report.

While at the scene, her son contacted her, reporting that he was being confronted by other kids, one of whom allegedly had a gun.

Upon reaching the location, Samuel accidentally struck her child with her Toyota Rav4 while attempting to intervene in the situation.

She then placed him in the vehicle, and they pursued one of the kids to his residence, eventually contacting law enforcement.

Her son, complaining of leg and hip pain, was subsequently taken to a local hospital for treatment.

According to the arrest document, Samuel clarified that she struck her son with the vehicle in an attempt to protect him from the others.

During police interviews, one of the boys involved in the altercation claimed that after Samuel’s son lost in a one-on-one fight, they decided on a rematch.

It was during this moment that Samuel, the mother, arrived with her car. Contrary to initial claims of a gun threat, a spokesperson from the Miami police department confirmed that no gun was involved in the incident.

Michael Vega, a spokesperson for the Miami police department, emphasized that the appropriate course of action in such situations is to contact law enforcement rather than resorting to personal intervention.

He stated:

“This is what we say all the time, if there’s a problem like this, the correct thing would have been that she call the police and then she can respond, which, if we would have been there, we would have prevented this.”

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