Halle Bailey’s Boyfriend Accuses Nail Salon Of Racism, Says Actress Was Booted Out Mid-Manicure

by Grace Somes
Halle Bailey, Perfect Nail Salon and DDG || @ddg @hallebailey

Between Halle’s account, DDG’s claims, the salon owner’s explanations, and testimonials from old clients, drama had been unleashed!

Halle Bailey’s boyfriend DDG took to X to scold Perfect Nail Salon for being racist towards the “Little Mermaid” star.

The shocking bombshell also included a call to action to her fans to boycott the business because of their terrible customer service to Halle.

“This place is racist toward Black people. They kicked my girlfriend out while doing her nails… Please give them 1 star …They don’t deserve business,” the Michigan native wrote.

After multiple negative reviews were posted to the business’s Yelp page, the shop owner posted a video explaining what happened at the beauty parlor.


According to the owner of Perfect Nails Salon, Halle and her sister, Chloe Bailey, were more than 30 minutes late.

In an emotional, teary narrative, the shop owner said they would never disrespect Halle because she was a good customer who brought in many references.

She pleaded with the public to stop leaving negative reviews on her social media pages.

Watch the shop owner explain what happened at the nail salon below:

The escalating situation prompted Halle Bailey to explain more about what happened.

She detailed how she and her sister, Chole, had a nail date but had an issue arriving late. Halle added that although she had called in earlier to explain the salon, the confusion surrounding the appointment time when they arrived led to the verbal altercation.

“I’m slowly but surely starting to get a little frustrated. I have really brought them a lot of customers, and I can’t believe that they’re acting this way over nine minutes,” Halle pointed out.

Apparently, the musical duo left the property after their appointment was canceled due to tardiness.

However, Halle was surprised about the treatment, opining that it was unwarranted, especially given her loyalty.

“I just told her that was unacceptable and rude because I have been a loyal customer.”

Some old customers of Perfect Nail Salon had thrown their support behind Halle Bailey after sharing bad experiences.

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