Cassie’s Breast Implants Scare, Diddy Allegedly Demanded Downsizing While Ignoring Health Risks

by Grace Somes
Cassie and Diddy || Image credit: @cassie @diddy

Cassie has taken the money, but the world will never forget Diddy’s role in her alleged sexual assault.

According to new information from an insider, The music mogul put Cassie’s life in danger when she ordered a death-sentencing cosmetic surgery for her.

Reported from the close source said that Diddy was the one who negotiated the new appearance of Cassie’s mammal glands.

Revealing more about the horrific episode, the reporter said that although the operation went well, Diddy was unsatisfied with the result.

He then allegedly ordered the removal of the new breast implants just a day after the operation.

Unfortunately, Dr Ryan, the doctor who was in the middle of the ordeal died in 2010. But the eyewitness, who claims to have been present at the scene, said Diddy was adamant about the reversal procedure.

Dr. Ryan tried to discourage the music executive from forcing his hand but failed miserably even after explaining that the invasion surgery needed at least six months to heal.

“But Diddy was like, ‘No, they’ve got to come out, call who you need to call, they’ve got to come out.’ To me, watching this, it was just so cruel, so horrible. She was treated like a rat. It was literally like her voice was snatched and there was nothing she could do, that if she started standing up for herself, she’d be in trouble,” the eye witness recounted.

Dr Ryan reportedly buckled, and Cassie was back on the table within a week.

The R&B singer was spotted for the first time after her lawsuit went viral when she sued Diddy for physical and sexual abuse.

Cassie looked well, dressed smartly in a gray sweatsuit and chunky sneakers, taking a stroll with her children in an adorable sight.

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