Zelie Timothy Calls It Quits With Tyrese Over Ex-Wife ‘Obsession’ In New Album

by Grace Somes
Zelie Timothy, Tyrese Gibsons and Samantha Lee || Image credit: @tyrese @zelietimothy @lovesamanthalee

Tyrese Gibson says the lifestyle influencer dumped him over the contents of his new album

Tyrese updated his fans on his personal life, revealing that he and his girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, have just broken up. 

On February 11, the actor took to Instagram to share a trailer for his upcoming album Beautiful Pain and the reason behind his recent single status.

Tyrese shared that he had broken up with his girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, because of his ne album.

After divorcing his wife, Samantha Lee, in 2020, Tyrese quickly became close with his new girlfriend, Zelie, displaying PDA everywhere.

Unfortunately, the beautiful relationship has come to an end because of his ex-wife, Samantha Lee. 

The singer sat in front of the camera on Super Bowl Sunday wearing a blue beanie to promote his new project

“Now that we got that out the way, my lawyers, my managers, everybody’s pissed,” he said. “I released my double album today, but it’s only available for ten hours. 50 Cent, Katt Williams, Kanye (West), forgive me, I used you for clickbait. Watch the trailer.”

He also revealed that he’d broken up with his girlfriend of two years because she was allegedly tired that all the songs on his new album were about his ex-wife.

“Me and Zelie just broke up over some dumb shit,” he captioned his post. “She demanded that I cancel my ALBUM because there are too many songs about my ex on there… fuck does that even mean?” Tyrese asked. 

The ex in question is Samantha Lee, with whom Tyrese recently went through a “messy and ugly” divorce.

Zelie Timothy and Tyrese have had their fair share of controversies, most notably when Timothy said on IG Live that the late Paul Walker was more her type.

In 2022, Timothy revealed they were in therapy two weeks after breaking up.

This time, the beauty influencer has not said anything about their recent breakup.

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