7 Reasons Why Flat Twists Should Be on Your Radar This Winter

by Danielle Bennett
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Winter wrecks our hair game! 

Chillier months present a different set of challenges when it comes to keeping our hair healthy because textured strands are inherently delicate. Every single curve has raised cuticles, which means those areas are potential breaking points.

When our hair comes up against cold, dry air it is robbed of its moisture and becomes more susceptible to split ends, frizz and excessive shedding. So, as temperatures drop, blocking environmental damage is paramount.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Flat twist styling offers the perfect solution.

Known as the MVP of protective styles, the look is typically rendered with two sections of intertwined hair affixed to the scalp, akin to cornrow braiding. It is relatively easy to create, complements varying curl types (relaxed, natural or transitioning) and delivers bountiful benefits:

  • Shields against breakage and split ends.
  • Minimal tension.
  • Versatility.
  • Length retention.  
  • Renders uniform curl consistency. 
  • Easily allows for regular care.
  • Low maintenance.

Proper preparation is crucial. Thorough cleansing, hydration and detangling with moisture-rich products ensure the best results. Be sure to avoid neglect, as it leads to excessive dryness, tangling, matting and dirt buildup.

Curl types and styling patterns control the shelf life of a flat twist style.  On average, it lasts from one to three weeks, so consistent care is all-important to fully realizing its purpose and rewards. 

The flat twist world is never short on inspiration; styling possibilities are endless!  Scroll down for seven of the coolest looks of the season.

1. Low Bun

2. Halo

3. Long Ponytail

4. Updo

5. Mohawk

6. Deep Side Part

7. Classic

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