Actress Kym Whitley on Bobby Brown ‘Biting’ Incident: ‘I Don’t Know If He Thought He Was a Vampire’

by Shine My Crown Staff

In her episode of TVOne’s “Uncensored,” actress Kym Whitley detailed the time that Bobby Brown bit her and drew blood.

According to Whitley, the incident took place at the House of Blues, where “Magic Johnson was giving his wife Cookie a party.

“Bobby had gone up on stage with Whitney [Houston], and they were singing. And they were trying to get Bobby off stage,” she said. “This was during the wild years of Bobby.”

Whitley said that Brown was a fan of her “Oh Drama!” television show. She said that when they met, he was so thrilled to meet her that “he grabbed me and he went to my neck, and he bit it! [I gushed] blood and everything. I don’t know if he thought he was a vampire,” she quipped.

She said that immediately after the bite, Brown “went down to the ground [and] security whisked him [away]. They took him out. There were towels and everything,” according to Whitley.

Whitley also said that her people pushed her to sue Brown, but she declined.

“It wasn’t like, I felt, ‘Oooh, I want Whitney’s money.’ I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him … He was just excited and crazy,” she said.

Whitley’s “Uncensored” has already gone viral after remarks she made about Marlon Wayan’s man parts.

Whitley appeared opposite Wayans as a guest star on the sitcom “The Wayans Bros.” in 1998. She said that she couldn’t help but be drawn to his red sweat pants.

“All of a sudden, he had on these red sweat pants, and I thought he was trying to be funny, because he was a fool, and I kept looking, I said, ‘This boy done put a little bat in his shorts, in his red sweat pants,’ and I was looking at it, I was laughing, I was like, ‘Stop being silly! Boy, you crazy… Y’all see this? He’s so silly’… Nobody laughed… Over the speaker they’re like, ‘Oh, she’s seen it.’ I was like, ‘Seen it?’ I was like, ‘That’s real? First of all, you need to put a rope on that thing and tie it up, whatever that is.'”

“And then, for that whole week I was distracted,” she added, “and they were like, ‘He has a reputation in Hollywood, he just is blessed. He’s blessed.’ And it’s burned into my brain.”

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