Angel Reese Claps Back At $75K WNBA Salary Critics: ‘Love The Game, Not Money’

by Grace Somes
Angel Reese || Image credit: @angelreese

Angel Reese, Chicago Sky forward, has a message for those still offended by her ‘low’ WNBA salary.  

Following the release of the salaries of the most recent WNBA draftees calls for equal pay in sports are once again being heard. Other sports stars call for higher compensation due to Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark’s meager contracts.

Fans are shocked by the low salaries after learning which top draft picks received their rookie year salary following the 2024 WNBA draft on April 15. The Chicago Sky selected Angel Reese with the seventh overall pick, and she will start her first professional season earning $73,439. 

Even though it will increase by more than $20,000 as she plays for the team longer, she will make less than six figures in the league.

“Obviously, people thought me leaving college I would take a huge pay gap and pay drop,” Reese began. “I wasn’t getting paid in college, so that check that I do get here is a bonus. Being able to play for, what, four or five months and get $75,000 on top of the other endorsements that I’m doing.

“I think it’s a plus for me. I’m playing a game I love – not for the money. I play because I love basketball.” 

Angel Reese also pointed out that working with brands brings income, which is used to supplement the low WNBA salary.

“So many different people are signed to so many different brands, brands that we embody and embrace,” she continued. “And I love that the brands want to work with us and continue to work with us.”

“So, the deals don’t just stop. I want people to know that the deals don’t just stop in college. We go to the pros, they continued. I even feel like they’ve grown even more,” Reese.

Reese is averaging 12.1 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 1.3 assists per game in her three Sky games this season. Additionally, she recorded a steal in her first three professional starts.

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