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Angela Yee has opened up about her now-viral interview with singer August Alsina, and she says that the controversy was “a lesson learned for everybody.”

Speaking with TheJasmineBRAND, Yee defended Alsina’s revelation that he was romantically involved with Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

“The fact is, they were in an entanglement — or whatever you wanna call it — and it is what it is. Will knew about it. It wasn’t a secret. He wasn’t messing up their marriage. August went through a lot. If that’s what he had to do to heal himself- to tell the world, ‘This is what happened to me,’ then it is what it is,” she said.

Following the interview, Pinkett Smith brought herself to The Red Table Talk, where she admitted to an “entanglement” with Alsina.

Yee says that it was an excellent opportunity for the star to reveal her “truth,” and that the episode was her highest-rated to date.

“‘Red Table Talk’ is known for telling the truth about things. And so, if this is part of your truth, then you should tell it. It was the best-rated show they ever had on Facebook Watch,” Yee continued, “The biggest episode they ever had! I think he was very respectful in the way that he told the story. He wasn’t like, ‘F*ck that h*e!’ He was just like, ‘I was in love. I had deep feelings.’ She probably didn’t have a choice…”

The relationship ended years ago, but despite the online scandal, Yee feels the controversy was a teachable moment.

“It’s a lesson learned for everybody. And also, I just wanna say people have all types of situations when it comes to their relationships and their marriages,” she adds. They have times where they take a break, and things happen — none of this should be a surprise.”