Are Modern Wedding Cakes The Right Choice?

by Yah Yah

One of the sights that are becoming frequent at a wedding reception is modern weddings cakes. More traditional wedding cakes are typically covered with a thick layer of white frosting and consist of cakes of varying sizes stacked in some towered configuration. Cakes like this require some planning as they can be heavy and need to supported properly. Add in the decorations on such a cake, and you have a downright risky undertaking. But, just as the modern couple-to-be does not always choose a frilly white wedding dress for the bride or a black tuxedo for the groom, so to may the couple decide against a traditional wedding cake.

In fact, modern wedding cakes may not be sheet cakes at all. Some couples like the idea of using cupcakes as the basis for their wedding dessert. They are more flexible from a design point of view and make individual servings easy to handle. Each cupcake could be slightly different, but fit in with an overall theme. Or, they can be grouped together in interesting ways to give them a uniquely festive look.

For those couples who still want to have cake, they are no longer bound by simple round and rectangular shapes, with one cake stacked above another. Instead, the shapes they can have are virtually limitless, and they may be stacked in a novel way. Furthermore, the frosting and decorations do not have to be traditional. This is welcome news to the growing number of people throwing themed weddings that reflect the personality of the couple-to-be.

There are a few more considerations that should be taken into account. And that’s if the bride or groom have any dietary preferences or restrictions. Perhaps they only eat raw foods, are allergic to flour, are strict vegans or only purchase organic food. It’s important that whoever is making the cake be made aware of these things with plenty of time to make any needed adjustments to their normal recipe. After all, the most modern wedding cakes won’t mean anything if the special couple can’t eat any of it.

The good thing about choosing to go with modern wedding cakes is that they allow you to be as creative as you wish. You are not bound by the limits of a traditional design. If you are having a medieval themed wedding, then perhaps your cake could be in the shape of a castle; complete with a working drawbridge. If both of you are sports fans, then you could have a cake made to look like a basketball court, with cupcakes decorated like basketballs. In short, anything goes!

While the focus of any wedding is the couple and the actual union ceremony, there is no question that food plays an incredibly important role. It is over food that the two families start to get to know one another. A lot of thought will go into selecting the right dinner menu, so why not put just as much thought (or more) into the final course of the meal? Modern wedding cakes are a wonderful way to cap off a lovely meal and express the personality of the happy new couple.

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