Gabrielle Harding: Woman Achieves Remarkable Feat As The Only Pilot From An HBCU Program Flying As A Commercial Pilot

by Gee NY
Gabrielle Harding

Gabrielle Harding, an accomplished graduate of Hampton University, has ascended to the skies as the sole Black female pilot from a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) program to lead an all-female crew on a United Airlines flight.

This remarkable accomplishment unfolded during Women’s History Month, adding depth to the celebration of women’s achievements across diverse fields.

Captain Harding’s journey to this historic flight stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication and expertise in the aviation industry.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Flight Education from Hampton University, she stands out as a member of the esteemed “Hampton 6” – a select cohort of Hampton alumni who have risen to the rank of captain at United Airlines.

Among them, Harding is the lone woman who has carved her path as a trailblazer in the aviation domain.

Her leadership transcends the cockpit, as she holds the distinction of being one of only two Black women Line Check Pilots at United Airlines and the first for the Boeing fleet.

With over three decades of flying experience, Harding embodies excellence and perseverance in a traditionally male-dominated profession.

The historic flight, numbered 1215, embarked from Newark, New Jersey, en route to Sarasota, Florida, and back. Captain Harding was joined in the cockpit by First Officer Julia Ewalefo, marking her inaugural flight with United Airlines.

Ewalefo’s journey to the flight deck is a testament to her resilience and determination, transitioning from a flight attendant role with Frontier Airlines to becoming a skilled pilot with Endeavor.

Beyond the cockpit, the entire flight operation was bolstered by an all-women team, including flight attendants, customer service representatives, and ramp services personnel.

This collective effort underscored the strength and capability of women in various roles within the aviation industry.

United Airlines recognized the historic significance of this moment and orchestrated a reception to honor both the departing and returning flights.

The event garnered widespread support from the company’s women and Black employee business resource groups, reaffirming United’s dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Reflecting on the significance of her achievement, Captain Harding emphasized the pivotal role of representation in inspiring future generations of women aviators.

“It’s crucial to highlight such occasions to inspire the next generation of women aviators,” she remarked. “I hope that any young girl witnessing this story believes in her ability to achieve her dreams with determination and resilience.”

The saga of Gabrielle Harding and her all-female crew soaring through the skies marks a historic milestone in aviation. It serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring aviators, particularly women and minorities.

As the world commemorates Women’s History Month and beyond, let us continue to champion diversity and inclusion across all sectors, ensuring that barriers are shattered and dreams take flight for all.

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