Ari Lennox Defends Chlöe Amid Colorism Claims: ‘I Will Not Tolerate This Divisive S—t’

by Yah Yah
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Last week, Ari Lennox released her visuals for “Pressure,” and Chlöe released her visuals for her debut solo single, “Have Mercy.”

Both videos received high praise from fans on social media — however, fans of Ari Lennox were upset that her video did not pull in as many views as Chlöe’s did.

“Chloe’s new video have over 5 million views while Ari who has the better song and more tasteful song hasn’t even hit 1 million views yet,” a fan wrote. “Chloe’s light skinned privilege is showing. Thank God she bussed it down, now she has the attention she’s been craving.”

Chlöe has been receiving heavy criticism for months about her supposed newfound sexuality.

Ari Lennox was not here for the Chlöe slander and quickly set her fan straight.

“Please delete this hateful think piece. It’s negative and counterproductive and creating unncessary backlash for both black women,” she wrote. “Chloe and her music are legendary and on REPEAT over here. Pressure is doing just fine.”

Another follower agreed with the “Pressure” singer.

“They always trying to give this narrative of dark skin vs light-skinned, which is somewhat true. But like nobody needs to hear that, stop pinning women against each other let them both be great in their own right.”

However, when another fan chimed in, “Nah colorism is very real and harmful. We can support both artist, and acknowledge that fact,” Ari was forced to double down on her point.

“But that’s NOT what this is, Chloe worked incredibly hard and shouldn’t be disrespected. She deserves her flowers. I will not tolerate this divisive s—t.”

Ari Lennox’s video is well on its way to 1.5 million views, which is more than respectable.

It’s beautiful to see women artists out here refusing to be pit against each other. There’s plenty of room for everybody.

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