#ICYMI: Normani and Teyana Taylor’s Jaw-dropping VMAs ‘Wild Side’ Performance

by Shine My Crown Staff

Sunday night was the MTV Video Music Awards, and while several stars took to the stage to perform — Normani’s performance of “Wild Side” with a cameo from Teyana Taylor stole the show.

Normani came through rocking an Aaliyah-inspired silver two-piece set– who is sampled on the track.

The tributes did not stop there as the British star also paid homage to pop icon Janet Jackson with a sultry performance of “Would You Mind” — featuring Teyana — who was trapped in a contraption similar to the one Prince used in “Sign ‘O’ The Times.”

Normani then climbed atop Teyana and showed us some of her trademark moves.

It was pretty hot.

Watch the steamy performance below.

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Normani shared that her music has matured because… well… she’s grown now.

“The new music is a lot darker and edgier sonically,” Normani explains. “I think that’s just because I grew up listening to a lot of ’90s R&B—and I love pop as well—but I think for me, a main goal is really not to be limited [musically] and really wanting to be genre-less,” she explained.

“A lot of the music that I’ve released even before my solo endeavors, I wasn’t completely fulfilled. And I always say that this is a rebirth and a chance for me to have a second go-around and do things my way. My main goal is also just to show people that I’m grown now.”

She added that she felt her latest musical run had been a liberating experience.

“I feel like this is the moment that I’m going to finally be able to breathe in and exhale—that’s the only way that I can really describe it,” Normani confessed. ” I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for so long, because I’ve had this record for a long time now. Obviously, I haven’t released music in the last two years, and with that comes a little bit of pressure and also me feeling like everybody has an expectation on top of the expectations that I have for myself.”

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