Ashanti’s Fiancée, Nelly, Checks Fan For Saying Ashanti Isn’t A ‘Haynes’

by Grace Somes
Ashanti and Nelly || Image credit: @nelly @ashanti

Nelly defended his fiance Ashanti from a hurtful remark made by a fan, raising the possibility that they would soon get married.

The romance between Nelly and Ashanti has long been a hot topic in the entertainment industry. A recent event has given their tale a new dimension.

Nelly confirmed his rekindled romance with Ashanti while speaking with Rasheeda Frost in September. The couple initially began dating on and off in 2003 and eventually split in 2013.

After a nearly decade-long hiatus, Ashanti and Nelly’s love story took a new turn in 2023. Following a series of joint appearances and playful interactions, Nelly publicly acknowledged their reunion. A notable moment was when Ashanti sported a clutch bag adorned with their faces at the previous year’s Grammy Awards.

Rumors of Ashanti’s pregnancy have swelled since last December when the “Hot In Herre” rapper happily cuddled her stomach and shared knowing looks on stage.

Although she never refuted her pregnancy, Ashanti chose to be silent like her mother up until her announcement on social media.

When they made the announcement in public in April, they also revealed that they were getting engaged, giving fans another surprise.

The recent online exchange between Nelly and a fan who has the internet pinning for another reveal revolves around that pregnancy and engagement.

On Instagram, one apparent offensive remark regarding Nelly and Ashanti’s predicament came from a fan who decided to determine if Ashanti belonged to the “Haynes family.”
The stranger pointed out that since they were not married, Ashanti couldn’t take on the rapper’s last name, so they were part of the Haynes/Douglas family.

Fortunately, he intervened swiftly to resolve the issue and give everyone—including the presumed fans—confidence that they are, moving forward, the Haynes family.

There’s no denying their chemistry, and their love story is further enhanced by Nelly’s ferocious defense of Ashanti.

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