Black and Missing: Help Us Find Aliyah Boomer

by Yah Yah
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On August 15th, 2015, Aliyah Boomer attended a barbecue at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York City, with a friend.

After leaving the barbecue, Aliyah followed her friend to her home at the Red Hook housing projects in the 400 block of Columbia Street. Aliyah and her friend were then invited to another barbecue around 11 pm. While her friend passed on the invitation, Aliyah herself accepted and left her friend’s home shortly after that.

That was the last time Aliyah, affectionately called “Lee Lee” by those close to her, was seen.

According to Black and Missing, Aliyah was wearing a black short sleeve top with multi-colored capris pants and black patent leather Jordan sneakers at the time of her disappearance. She was also wearing a silver nose ring.

Aliyah has several tattoos, including her own name on her left upper arm, “Vicky” on her right upper arm. Aliyah also had tattoos of stars on her abdomen and right wrist, a moon on her foot, a ladybug on her back, and the name “Kim” on her back. Her nose, ears and navel are pierced.

Photo Credit: National Black and Missing Foundation

Aliyah’s last outgoing phone call was at 3 am on Aug. 16., day to her sister, but her sister was asleep and did not answer the phone. Aliyah did not leave a message. She was reported missing three days later after she failed to show up for her sister’s birthday party.

Her family doesn’t believe she would have left without warning and they do not believe she fled for her safety.

“They’re simply not receiving that level of mainstream media,” said Derrica Wilson, cofounder of the National Black and Missing Foundation told WABC. “Everyone knows Natalie Holloway, Laci Peterson, Chandra Levy, Elizabeth Smart, and Gabby Petito. But we have to ask, how many people can you name that are minority, Black and Brown?”

People with any information are urged to leave a tip for Black and Missing here. You can also contact the New York City Police Department (212-694-7781) with any information regarding Aliyah’s disappearance.

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