Kamala Harris Affirms U.S. Opposition To Forced Palestinian Relocation And Border Redrawing In Gaza

by Gee NY

Vice President Kamala Harris reiterated during a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on Saturday, Nov. 2 that the United States will not permit the forced relocation of Palestinians or any alteration of the current border of the Gaza Strip.

Addressing the press in Dubai during the COP 28 summit, where she is representing the U.S., Harris stated that the civilian suffering in Gaza has been excessively high despite supporting Israel’s legitimate military objectives.

According to CNN, the vice president expressed her concerns about the significant impact on innocent Palestinians, describing the images and videos from Gaza as devastating.

While Israel claims its military campaign in Gaza aims to destroy Hamas, the militant group responsible for the October 7 terror attack, regional leaders like Jordan’s King Abdullah II fear Israel might exploit the conflict to seize parts of Gaza or expel Palestinian residents.

Harris and Sisi discussed post-conflict planning during their meeting, focusing on reconstruction, security, and governance in Gaza.

Harris emphasized the necessity of a clear political horizon for the Palestinian people leading to their own state, supported by a revitalized Palestinian Authority and international backing.

Following stalled negotiations between Israel and Hamas over a pause in hostilities, Harris also spoke with the Emir of Qatar.

Israel’s decision to recall its negotiating team was announced, citing a “dead end” in the talks. Harris has been actively engaged in calls between President Joe Biden and various regional leaders amid the ongoing conflict.

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