Brooklyn Woman, Teenage Girl and Dog Stabbed to Death in East Flatbush Apartment

by Xara Aziz
YouTube via Eyewitness News ABC7NY

A Brooklyn community has been left in mourning after a woman, a teenage girl and a dog were all found dead in a stabbing at an apartment building.

Just after 2:30 PM, police were dispatched to an East Flatbush apartment on New York Avenue near Avenue D, according to law enforcement sources who spoke to NBC New York.

Upon arrival, officers found a woman, 37, face up in the living room with her face slashed. A 14-year-old teenager – believed to be the woman’s daughter – was also found face down with injuries to the dead. Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

A dog was also found with a bag over its head and was pronounced dead.

Police have yet to confirm when the killings took place. It is also not clear why the incident happened, although they did confirm that they responded to a call from a neighbor who said he heard screaming from inside the apartment.

“We heard screaming, the dog whimpering. I vividly remember telling 911, it sounds like someone was getting killed upstairs,” Steve Schor told NBC New York. He further added that he was unsure if officers made contact with anyone in the building.

According to the news outlet’s reporting: “Whomever went to the apartment on Monday and called police had not heard from the family since Friday, and broke down the front door to make the gruesome discovery.”

An acquaintance of the woman killed was called into questioning. The man, 38, was the one who discovered the victims’ bodies on Monday.

This story is developing.

“From 1980-2019, there were around 77,534 homicides in New York. Since then, approximately 47,218 of those murders have been solved or seen some form of resolution, currently leaving the state with around 30,316 unsolved murders in New York as of the data’s latest update,” reads a report from “Project: Cold Case” in collaboration with the “Murder Accountability Project.”

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