Tamar Braxton Shades K Michelle When Discussing Black Artists Who Shouldn’t Sing Country Music 

by Grace Somes
Tamar Braxton and K Michelle || Image credit: @tamarbraxton @kmichellemusic

The ongoing feud between K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton has once again flared up, capturing the attention of their fans and the media.

During an interview with the “We Sound Crazy” podcast, Braxton commented on fellow black artists transitioning into country music.

At the beginning of her submission, she applauded Beyoncé’s foray into the genre with her album “Cowboy Carter.”

“I knew you guys were going to ask me about that. I think that Black Country music is so necessary. I’m so happy that people with talent who can actually sing country music, who are black people, are finally getting the recognition they deserve,” Tamar Braxton began.

“And you know, I just really appreciate Beyonce for opening the door for all the other Black artists who have rolled that wave behind the floodgates,” she continued. I’m just really appreciative of her.”

Things started to get heated when Tamar Braxton cast doubt on whether all artists, notably K. Michelle, should have dabbled into the country music terrain.

“These people can really sing. They are so talented… But I appreciated it. I like it because there were a couple of people who should not have been singing country black music. That was awful. And it was concerning for me.”

“I’m not trying to be funny. It just didn’t sound good. You have to ask yourself if you are going to step into a new genre of music and represent us. You have to represent. You have to be right!” Braxton added. 

Although she did not explicitly mention K Michelle’s name, the internet quickly connected the dots, especially since Braxton and Michelle have a long public beef history

The two singers have been feuding since 2013 when Braxton accused K. Michelle of stealing her wig, and the feud heated up when K. Michelle also replied that Tamar looked like a “muppet.” 

K. Michelle also accused Tamar Braxton of sleeping with Jermaine Dupri’s father while he was married.

It seems Braxton’s recent comments may have undone the reconciliation ceremony between them at the 2020 BET Awards.

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