Candace Owens Sparks Controversy After Spewing Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory

by Xara Aziz
Daily Wire

Candace Owens is still fully onboard with conspiracy theories – this time after suggesting Jewish rabbis drink the blood of Christians.

The right-wing commentator has spoken up in the past about her opposition to Israel, and has since gone on to criticize Jewish people following the Hamas-led attack against Israel on October 7.

One month after the attack, she erroneously said Muslims in Jerusalem had been confined to the Muslim Quarter. She then got into a spat with Ben Shapiro (a Jewish friend of hers) over the Israel-Hamas war.

“You cannot serve both God and money,” she tweeted, which some believed was anti-Semitic.

She then blamed anti-Semitism on “political Jews” and suggested that  a “small ring of specific people” in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. are “using the fact that they are Jewish to shield themselves from any criticism.”

“All of us Black, Spanish, Jewish, Chinese, Japanese, all Americans should want answers because this appears to be something that is quite sinister,” she wrote.

Then last Wednesday, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach accused Owens of being an arch antisemite” who “is inciting her Jew-hating followers to threaten to murder Jews and especialky [sic] me.”

“I have received untold numbers of messages like these from Candace’s Jew-hating fans. Candace Owens and @officialbenshapiro will be responsible for any acts of violence against Jews incited by Candace and the @dailywire,” Boteach wrote, adding that someone threatened him via direct message stating he would knock him “the fuck out” and “spit in your face.”

“I will catch you jew boi. Ima knock you the fuck out. Ima watch you cry like a bitch,” the message reads.

Boteach, who was previously targeted in Owens’s “small ring” tirade, faced numerous mocking responses to his post, including one that seemed to resonate with Owens.

“It says February 20th, Rabbi. Are you drunk on Christian blood again?” one user wrote. Owens would subsequently like the post.

As per the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the theory espoused by Owens aligns with the original “blood libel,” which refers to the false claim that Jews engage in the murder of Christians, particularly Christian children, for ritualistic purposes, such as using their blood in the baking of Passover matzah.

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