Cardi B Blames Feminism For The Wrong Mentality About Relationships And Money, Says Bill Should Be Split 50/50

by Grace Somes
Cardi B || Image credit: @cardi bi

Cardi B admonishes females to contribute more to their relationships so they don’t suffer when the man leaves with everything.

According to the WAP singer, women should bring more than cooking and cleaning skills to build successful futures with their partners.

“It’s very controversial when B*tches is like, I don’t go 50/50. So, if you and your man make the same amount, but only your man is paying all the bills, how will you ever save up to buy a house? Or buy a business? Because he is not going to be able to afford it. Certain things are like a joint thing to do,” Cardi B began her sermon.

According to the rapper, social media has twisted the good old days of building happy families. She also pointed out that feminism has had many women think, “My money is mine, and his money is ours.” But the reality should be that “everyone’s money belongs to everyone.”

“You want a nigga to take care of you and everything, but what do you do? What are you contributing? You can’t be comparing like, ‘Oh, I cook. I clean.’ Okay. But you don’t work. You don’t contribute to the house.

“Sometimes I feel like the internet is having people fuck up real reality type shit,” Cardi B continued. “So it’s like your mom and dad used to work daily, right? So your mom used to save all her money and buy purses, so your dad would pay all the bills? That’s not how it works.

“That’s why I’m saying I’m not a feminist anymore. Sometimes you bitches be ruining the whole world.”

However, many fans believe that Cardi B should not be the one to speak on relations since her husband, Offset, has repeatedly cheated on her.

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