Cardi B Reacts to Joe Budden Saying She’s Done Dropping Albums: ‘He Dead-ss Wrong’

by Shine My Crown Staff
Big Stock Photo: Cardi B arrives at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand

Cardi B has responded to remarks Joe Budden recently made on his podcast, saying that the rapper was done dropping albums.

“Let me tell you, y’all are never getting a Cardi album again. Let me tell y’all something. Cardi was broke, not real broke but her broke when that first album came and Offset was there,” Budden said on the “Joe Budden Podcast.”

“Remember y’all audience was making it a big deal she was with Offset? Y’all did that. See, the audience is so phony and so f-cking fickle, y’all said that. And now look. It’s Cardi, independent of her husband that she’s still there with,” he added.

After hearing Budden’s take, Cardi took to Instagram to dispel the rumors.

“Well he deadass wrong,” she wrote. “watch when I push out this baby wait 6 months go to Colombia get a lipo, breast reduction, learn how to pole dance again , learn how to play spade and get my political science degree and pop out with my album …Yeup Yeup he going to wrong muahaha.”

Last month, Cardi revealed her second pregnancy live on stage at the BET Award 2021.

Cardi and Offset already share Kulture Kari, their three-year-old daughter.

She also shared a maternity pic with Kulture, where she wrote about the bond she knows the siblings are sure to share.

“I just know these two will love each other soo much and argue soo much since they’re 3 years apart…just like me and Henny 😩. But one thing for sure is they’ll have each other’s back like no one else ever will 🙏🏽🙏🏽” she captioned the post.

“We listened to each other, communicated, prayed and then God blessed us and our family with another little blessing,” she captioned a post of Offset cradling her baby bump. “Our home feels so blissful and very busy 😩but we are ready and so happy!! Thank you soo much everyone for the congrats and well wishes 🤗”

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