Claudia Jordan on Zaya Wade’s Transition: ‘It’s Such a Young Age to Have So Much Pressure’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Zaya Wade, the daughter of Gabrielle Union and her husband, Dwyane Wade, was recently praised by Michelle Obama for being a role model to teens worldwide after boldly coming out as transgender.

The reaction to the Wade’s decision to allow Zaya to transition has mostly been met with admiration… but you can’t please everybody.

Former B2K singer J Boog slammed Obama for celebrating Zaya. “This is not cool, very demonic. Using this child for their new agenda. Take away the man — make the woman the new man — and no more reproduction,” he wrote.

“Cocktails with Queens” co-host Claudia Jordan discussed the singer’s reaction with the ladies on the show, where she expressed concern for Zaya’s decision to transition at such a young age,

“I think two things can be possible at the same time. I think the fact that — what Michelle Obama was doing was encouraging to a child. She was looking out for someone — an individual — and other kids that are like that,” she began.

“I think some people are not properly articulating how uncomfortable they may feel about a child being pushed. They may think that child is being pushed to the front of the agenda — pushed to be the face of this. Now if Zaya is 1000% okay with that, then I’m all for it. It’s really none of my business, but I feel like it’s our job to talk about these things,” said Jordan.

She continued: “I just hope that there are no regrets later on. I just want Zaya at the end of it to not feel and pressure. Like if Zaya ever felt like, ‘You know what? I don’t feel this way anymore.’ Does Zaya feel this uncomfortable, ridiculous amount of pressure to not be able to go back? Not saying that she wants to, but I just feel like [it’s] such a young age to have so much pressure on her shoulders.”

Watch the clip below.

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