Claudia Jordan Says Busta Rhymes Was Warranted in Throwing Drink at Woman Who Grabbed His Behind

by Xara Aziz

Busta Rhymes was trending earlier this week when a woman thought it was a good idea to pinch his butt while he was walking through a crowded area with his entourage. It resulted in him throwing a drink at her, and TV personality Claudia Jordan says, it was warranted.

“He should feel safe when he’s in public. No one should be grabbing his private parts,” the Rhode Island star said while standing outside The Breakfast Club studio where she is currently serving as a guest host. “People need to keep their hands to themselves. I do think we like to make fun of men when it comes to women, but we need to keep that same energy. He was right to feel violated.”

She continued: “We don’t know how that could have triggered him. If it was a woman it would be okay if she threw a drink at a man’s face. He could have been with his girlfriend and now some girl comes up to him and grabs his behind. She could have messed up his night. Now the girlfriend is asking ‘Who was that b*tch?’”

Meanwhile, people online were split about whether Busta’s actions were warranted.

“i mean he didnt have to throw a drink on her but she did overstep his boundaries and that was very disrespectful of her so in that instance she deserved it but im sure that wasnt her intention , like her intention wasnt a bad intention,” one user tweeted.

“Busta was not feeling that 😭😭😭 had to throw the drink on her.. I don’t blame him,” another user tweeted.

“A lot of people laughed and felt he overreacted! How?? She violated his space! She grabbed his butt without consent! If he turned and swung, and she went night night y’all would be in an uproar. Busta needs that same energy y’all give men that do this.”

“Busta Rhymes was like.. 😡😡”

Meanwhile, the woman who grabbed his butt released a statement about the melee.

“I didn’t mean to touch his behind honestly I was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic been a long time fan I admit I shouldn’t have touch [sic] him at all but he’s BUSTA,” she said in the statement obtained by The Shade Room. “I felt like I could possibly get a pic.”

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