Detroit Woman Killed by Husband Less Than 2 Hours Before Finalizing Divorce Proceedings

by Xara Aziz
Detroit Police

A Detroit mother of seven in the final leg of her divorce proceedings was found shot and killed the morning she was heading to court to finalize the divorce.

On Friday, Andricka McIntosh was found shot to death shortly after 7 AM in front of her home on Gunston near Connor on Detroit’s east side.

“She was a very caring person, she was lovable, she was open, very open and very giving,” Sa’niyah McIntosh, the victim’s daughter, told FOX 2 Detroit.”

The victim’s sister, Kanish Williams, added that “She was a year younger than me I loved my little sister, her heart was everything.”

Shortly before McIntosh’s death, she called police requesting help, but she was gunned down moments later, according to reports.

“There was a 911 call that the incident was happening, that a woman was being chased up the street, being shot at,” Detroit Police Department Chief James White said. “The officers made record time getting there. In the area, as they approached they heard shots. He was actually standing over with a gun in his hand. They ordered him to drop his weapon and he did. They immediately took him into custody.”

The suspect has been identified as the victim’s soon-to-be ex-husband.

“We don’t know exactly what led up to it,” said White. “We know they were going through a divorce and it was a very bitter divorce proceeding.”

Both McIntosh and her husband were expected to be in court just two hours before he allegedly gunned her down.

Now that the victim is gone, her family now relived memories they had of their fallen loved one.

“We would always go swimming we loved swimming,” Sa’niyah McIntosh said. “Metro Beach specifically.”

“She just didn’t deserve this, she was a good-hearted person,” Williams added. “She loved everybody.”

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