Cydney Bridges Named 2nd Runner-Up And Congeniality Winner At Miss America 2024

by Gee NY

Fort Wayne’s own Cydney Bridges made her mark on the Miss America stage, securing the title of 2nd runner-up in the competition held on Sunday night, January 14, 2024.

In addition to her impressive placement, the talented Black woman was voted as the winner of the Congeniality Award by her fellow contestants, adding another accolade to her Miss America journey.

Bridges initiated her Miss America career as Miss Fort Wayne, where she dedicated herself to community service and established the program “Ignite your Sparkle.”

Her commitment to diversity and inclusion was evident when she was crowned Miss Indiana in 2023, becoming one of the four Black women among the 37 contestants in the Miss Indiana competition.

Having been associated with the Miss America organization since the age of 11, Bridges often found herself as the only Black contestant in competitions.

Despite this, she embraced her diversity and made history by winning Miss Indiana with braids, breaking barriers and encouraging inclusivity.

In an interview with Hometown Productions, Bridges shared her inspiring journey, revealing that she hails from a single-parent household and faced financial challenges for her education.

Determined to become a nurse, she utilized the platform provided by Miss America to pursue her dream. Today, Bridges is a registered nurse at Riley Hospital for Children, having earned her nursing degree from Huntington University.

Expressing gratitude for the Miss America organization’s support, Bridges highlighted the more than $20,000 in scholarships she has earned.

With aspirations of becoming a nurse practitioner and making a broader impact on children’s lives, she hopes to use further scholarships obtained through winning Miss America to continue her education.

While acknowledging the competitive nature of the pageant, Bridges emphasized the value of friendships formed during the Miss America experience.

“Only one girl leaves with the title at the end of this week, but we all get to leave with friends and memories and experiences,” she stated in her interview with Hometown Productions.

The Miss America competition unfolded at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts at the Walt Disney Theatre in Orlando, Florida.

Cydney Bridges’ remarkable journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring individuals, showcasing the importance of determination, diversity, and community service in the pursuit of personal and professional goals.

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