Elected Official’s Cry For Help Ends In Arrest! Councilwoman Faces Felony Charges Over Marijuana

by Gee NY

In a shocking turn of events, Roshuanda Merritt, a newly elected Commerce City Councilwoman in North Georgia, found herself on the wrong side of the law after seeking assistance from local authorities.

Merritt, a Black woman, had approached the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) to report inappropriate images shared on social media, only to be arrested on felony charges related to marijuana distribution.

The incident unfolded almost a month after Merritt assumed her role on the Commerce City Council. Initially a victim seeking justice, the 43-year-old councilwoman soon became the focus of a criminal investigation.

The JCSO discovered evidence suggesting her involvement in the distribution of THC-infused gummies, a cannabinoid narcotic.

Georgia law criminalizes the distribution of sexually explicit images without consent, and Merritt had reported the sharing of inappropriate photos.

However, the JCSO’s investigation took an unexpected turn when they unearthed evidence pointing to a different offense allegedly committed by Merritt.

According to an arrest warrant, Merritt is accused of sending a text message offering THC-infused gummies for purchase.

The investigation prompted the involvement of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), leading to Merritt’s arrest on charges of attempting to commit the sale of marijuana and using a telecommunication facility to facilitate a felony.

Merritt, represented by attorney Jason Black, questions the abrupt shift from being a victim to facing charges.

Black emphasized that the alleged gummy exchange occurred before Merritt’s tenure as a teacher or her election to the city council. He raised concerns about the assumptions made by law enforcement and criticized the handling of the case.

The controversy surrounding Merritt has prompted backlash and distancing, with some entities referring to her as a “former employee.”

The Jackson County School Systems, where Merritt was listed as a CTAE (career, technical, and agricultural) teacher, released a statement acknowledging the ongoing investigation and their cooperation with law enforcement.

The City of Commerce has maintained a cautious stance, citing an open and ongoing investigation.

City Clerk Sandra Haggard clarified that the incident occurred before Merritt’s election and emphasized that the city’s charter stipulates no action unless there is a felony conviction in a court of law.

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