Do You Have A Drinking Problem? Facts About Alcoholism

by Yah Yah

Looking at the facts, alcoholism abuse is not a new problem. The negative effects of drinking too much has been witnessed countless times in cultures all over the world all through history. If you are struggling through it, you are not alone. There are treatment plans that are more effective now than ever before, and one of them might just be the one that will work for you. There is no plan that will work for everyone. While some have been widely effective for many people, it won’t work for everyone. On any given day you can find over 10 million people struggling with alcoholism and trying to stop.

How do you know if you have a problem?

If you have a strong and controlling craving for alcohol, then you could have a problem. It is a lot more evident when it has reached the point where there is a loss of control. You have created a physical dependence on it and a tolerance for alcohol in which you need to drink more today than you did last week to have the same effect. It quickly and quietly takes over your life and can cause you to lose all that is closest to you.

Beyond this, there are social problems that may very well come about. You can find yourself in a situation that nothing matters as much as getting that drink. You can have relationships at work suffer as much as your performance. You will become less trustworthy and could lose your job. There are also friends and family members that were once close to you that all of a sudden now have to take a back seat to what you have in your glass. You end up sacrificing your life for the passing sensation you get when you drink. Whether you admit it or not, none of those people matter to you as much as that drink does.

There are also many health problems that come with drinking heavily and alcoholism. There is heart disease and other cardiovascular issues that may come about. It isn’t uncommon to have liver and kidney problems. You may find yourself susceptible to cancers of different kinds. Blood sugar levels are adversely affected. There are also mental health problems that accompany long-term alcoholism. The price goes far beyond what you initially for that drink.

You can stop at any time, but you have to want to stop. No one can give you the real reason to do it. No one can convince you that you have a problem. It’s all on you to control. The earlier you try to stop it, the greater your chances are of being successful.

There is a lot in the way of denial as people believe that becoming an alcoholic is something that happens to other people. No one wants to believe it can happen to them and when they see that it might be happening or it is pointed out to them, they try to make light of it. Get the right facts, alcoholism is a major problem, and you very well could have it. Try to get help as soon as possible. 

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