She also rates self-parking slippers, sushi burritos, thigh-high Uggs, and more in this episode of Pitchfork’s Over/Under.

The singer/songwriter has been named as one of the artists performing at Pitchfork’s annual festival this year. Other artists performing include Raphael Saadiq, DRAM, Ravyn Lenae and much more.

No doubt she’ll be performing hits off her recent project, Take Me Apart which received critical acclaim.

“Take Me Apart is a document of the emotional mechanics of a break-up and the freeing nature of new love. Kelela luxuriates in this radical openness between the two. On the title track, a sex jam produced by Al Shux and Jam City that hovers in the silky realm between drum ’n’ bass and rhythm & quad. Kelela demands a partner explore her entirely before getting all mushy about it—“Don’t say you’re in love, baby,” she coos, “until you learn to take me apart.” She advocates the exploration of her bod in the context of practicality—the need to unite the purely physical with one’s own damn brain,” Pitchfork said of the album.

Watch Kelela’s Over/Under below.