Three Central State University Alums Win Top Honors At SAMPE Competition For EV Research

by Gee NY

Three recent graduates from Central State University, an HBCU, have made significant strides in the field of electric vehicles (EVs) with their innovative research.

The research has earned them first place at the Midwest Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) Student Competition.

Meet the Award-Winning Team

Myesha Burnette, Shawntae Thompson, and Baijing Zinnerman were honored for their groundbreaking research on carbon fiber-reinforced polymer-metal bonding and hybrid fiber-reinforced polymer-metal bonding to aluminum.

Their 12-page, peer-reviewed paper explored pivotal aspects of polymer composite bonding to metal, focusing on achieving bonds that are both lightweight and durable.

SAMPE, an organization dedicated to advancing material and process engineering, provides educational opportunities through conferences, exhibitions, technical forums, and publications.

It serves as a unique platform for scientists, engineers, and academicians across various fields.

Research Highlights

Under the mentorship of Alessandro Rengan, Ph.D., associate professor of Manufacturing Engineering at Central State University, Thompson and Burnette spent two years conducting extensive research.

Zinnerman joined the team in the final two months, contributing significantly to their success.

Their work comes at a crucial time as electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, with their findings potentially enhancing the durability and efficiency of EV components.

Recognition and Awards

In April 2024, Thompson and Burnette received a $100 check award and a free annual membership to SAMPE in recognition of their extensive research efforts.

Their work aligns with the growing trend of EV adoption in the United States. According to a March 2024 report by Edmunds, there were an estimated 3.3 million EVs on the road in the U.S. by the end of 2023, a significant increase from 2.4 million in 2022.

A Bright Future for EV Research

The achievements of Burnette, Thompson, and Zinnerman underscore the critical role of HBCUs in fostering innovation and advancing STEM fields.

Their success at the SAMPE competition highlights the potential for future contributions to the evolving landscape of electric vehicles and material engineering.

For more information about Central State University and their groundbreaking research, visit Central State University.

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