East New York Woman, 22, Found Dismembered and Stuffed in Suitcases in Brooklyn Apartment

by Xara Aziz

The chopped up remains of a 22-year-old Brooklyn woman who was turning her life around after surviving an abusive relationship were found in two suitcases in her apartment last month, according to reports released by NYPD.

Dasia Johnson was found after Jackson’s aunt requested a welfare check after calls to her niece were left answered. Security guards were dispatched to check on Jackson and were greeted by a man who would not allow them to enter. They called the police shortly after and reported that a strong stench emanated from the sixth floor of Jackson’s story building on Linwood Street in East New York.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered blood stains on the floor and a meat cleaver close to where her body parts were stuffed in suitcases.

“It was like something in a movie,” a local resident, Stephanie Harris, told WABC-TV. “Not something you see in real life. Blood everywhere. It was nasty. You could imagine what happened to her. She fought for her life because there was blood splattered.”

Prior to Jackson’s discovery, she had not been seen in about a month, according to local media. The building where she lived housed victims of domestic violence and those suffering from mental health conditions, reports say.

One of Johnson’s neighbors told news outlets that he would often hear commotion coming out of her apartment.

“A lot of fighting. Arguing, like I said,” said Jeremy, who only provided his first name. “You hear arguing, banging, loud stuff, regular stuff. But you can’t — like I said, if you try to interrupt and stuff, you’re putting yourself in a problem you can’t solve.”

While no arrests have been made, the NYPD is looking to question six potential witnesses, including her boyfriend.

“D’Asia was a loving, full-of-life girl. She was working [at Macy’s]. She wanted to finish school. She wanted to be a teacher,” the aunt told The New York Post. “It’s just sad that her life was unfortunately cut short.”

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