Ella Mai Bares Her Soul In Her Newest Release, “Naked”

by Yah Yah

The UK beauty gained popularity for her covers of several huge artists including Kehlani, J. Cole, Big Sean, Michael Jackson, Trey Songz, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber and one of her videos made it to the Shaderoom before signing to DJ Mustard.

The half-Jamaican, half-Irish singer who grew up on London’s west side, is now based in L.A. In her new video, she challenges the widely accepted standards of beauty and puts her heart on the lines, asking for nothing but a love of the unconditional kind. The subject matter is as relatable as it comes, especially for women of color who have to battle the daily to be accepted as we are.

“Take away the big shirts, the tattoos, the sweatpants and vans/Okay, I don’t wear no makeup/ No purse in my hands/ My resting b*tch face is mistaken for the mean girl/ But what if I told you/ There’s nothing I want more in this world/ Than somebody who loves me naked/ Someone who never asks for love/ But knows how to take it”

Ella Mai has already released three EP’s under DJ Mustard’s 10 Summers Records: Time, Change, and Ready. She is now gearing up to release her debut album sometime this year.

Watch her new heartrending visuals for “Naked” below.

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