Eva Marcille Defends ‘Nappy-Headed’ Comment: ‘I’m a Black Woman and it is a Colloquialism’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Eva Marcille, former star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, is catching heat after she made derogatory remarks about her former cast members on the show.

Eva exited the show at the end of season 12. Still, on a phone call with Cynthia Bailey during her last season, she is heard referring to Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams as “nappy-headed.”

Porsha was upset that Eva refused to bring her children to Kenya’s daughter’s party.

“That sh*t is messy. Porsha just had a baby,” the former top model said in the clip. “And I tip-toed around her whole little feelings. C’mon now. B*tch, you want me to go off! Porsha got enough bullsh*t goin’ on in her life, but she can converse about that? She needs some business, and I can show her a lot of these blogs so she can mind that business!”

She then later referred to them both as “nappy-headed little girls,” which Porsha took great exception to.

“A friend would not go in like that,” Porsha said on “Dish Nation” following the airing of the episode. “I just thought she went too hard, and it was uncalled for. And then earlier in the episode, she called all of us ‘nappy-headed.’ Like, really?”

It’s two years on and the fans have not forgotten… However, Eva continues to defend her remarks.

“Nappy head is something I say that I have and my daughter also has until we comb it out. I’m a Black woman and it is a colloquialism that we have used,” she said in her cover interview with Hello Beautiful.

The reality television star also asserted that she was from South Central, Los Angeles and attended HBCU college, Clark Atlanta, adding that she has a brother “dark as cherry wood.” Eva says, “My other brother is as light as the sun. We run the gamut. I have two Black parents.”

Eva says she will not conform.

“You will not dictate, because your skin is a little darker than mine, what colloquialisms I can or cannot use.”

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