Doechii Bocks, Untags Ice Spice Following Leaked Texts Where Ice Spice Calls Her The ‘Chosen Darkskin’

by Grace Somes
Doe Chii and Ice Spice || Image credit: @doechii @icespice

In an iMessage exchange leaked by Storme Baby, Ice Spice allegedly shaded Doechii, questioning Doechii’s struggles as a dark-skinned woman

On Saturday, April 27, Baby Storme, who claimed to be Ice Spice’s old best friend, accused the rapper on Twitter of colorism, cheating, and being a user. 

Baby Storme started the rant with, “The next person to be exposed will be my ex’ best friend,’ Isis. or as y’all know her, ‘Ice Spice.'”

The primary allegations claimed the Bronx MC engages in colorism and discrimination secretly and that she attempted to undermine Storme’s music career by replacing her with a “best friend” whom she despises in private.

“This is Cleo. The girl she chose to be her ‘best friend to the public.’ When, in reality, it was me behind the scenes. Cleo and her are not really best friends. Isis has always hated Cleo. But she used her so she could appear ‘closer to Blackness.’ She also lied about being Nigerian. She stole that from me,” Baby Storme wrote. 

Storme further asserted that Ice Spice’s boyfriend and producer, RIOTUSA, was aware of her affair with Lil Tjay and had written a song about it.

 “EJ, ‘RIOT,’ has been her producer and boyfriend since 2019. He was the real mastermind behind her career and the one who pushed her to rap. She cheated on him with Tjay and then rapped about it on their song together,” she continued. “If you don’t believe me, just go back and read the lyrics to ‘Gansta Boo,’ but this time, read carefully. They were talking about him. She knows no loyalty. Not even to the only person who has always been there for her. RIOT.”

After some fans called out Baby Storme for lying and searing Ice Spice, she dropped screenshots to back up her rant. 

Unfortunately, Ice Spice allegedly made fun of Doechii’s comments on colorism inside the convos and shaded her.

Doechii has unfollowed, blocked, and untagged Ice Spice from all photos on Instagram.

However, we want to be clear that Ice Spice has not yet responded to any of these accusations; they are simply that—allegations.

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