Extraordinary Twist Of Fate As Mom Welcomes 3 Daughters In 6 Years All Born On The Same Day

by Gee NY

Louisiana resident Jasmine Clark has welcomed not one, not two, but three daughters, all born on the same day — July 20.

Clark has welcomed her third daughter, Ja’Laijah Snowten, on July 20, making this date even more special for the Clark family.

What adds to the uniqueness of this occasion is that Ja’Laijah is now the third child for Jasmine to be delivered on the same date since 2011.

Ja’Laijah joins her two older sisters, 6-year-old Jaliyah and 12-year-old Khamyria, who were also born on July 20, albeit six years apart.

The coincidence has turned July 20 into a significant and joyous day for the Clark family, as each of the girls now shares the same birthday.

“We love the blessing of our newest little girl, and the fact that I can always throw one big party for all of my girls,” said Jasmine Clark. She expressed her gratitude for the unique occurrence, describing it as a true blessing.

Remarkably, Jasmine did not plan for each of her daughters to be born on the same day, but the coincidence has made remembering their birthdays a bit easier for the family.

Despite the challenges that come with raising four children, including a 9-year-old son named Jamon born in February 2014, Jasmine embraces the joy and uniqueness of having all her children share memorable birthdays.

“It’s very expensive and hard at times, but I make it happen. I’m not exactly sure how I did this three times, but I love every single moment with these girls,” she shared.

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