Anthaea-Grace Patricia Dennis: 12-Year-Old Girl Becomes Canada’s Youngest Person To Graduate College

by Gee NY

Anthaea-Grace Patricia Dennis, an extraordinary 12-year-old, has made history as the youngest Canadian to graduate from university.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from the University of Ottawa in June this year.

Commencing the program at the age of nine, Patricia faced unique challenges as a preteen in an intensive university setting, breaking preconceived notions and expectations about her age with her remarkable achievements.

“I’m going to be happy for myself too, not just for other people,” she told CBC News. I am proud of myself for getting to this point, despite all the hurdles and blocks that there have been for a person like me.”

Expressing pride and anticipation for the convocation, Patricia acknowledges her mother, Johanna Dennis, as a crucial supporter in her educational journey.

As a single mother and law professor, Johanna played a pivotal role in Patricia’s development, and the graduation holds special significance as a token of gratitude. Patricia encourages other young, gifted individuals to overcome societal expectations and pursue their aspirations.

Reflecting on her university career, Patricia highlights her research achievement — a 40-page thesis exploring the relationship between handedness and functional activity in the cerebellum.

The study, presented at the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biology Symposium, delves into the connectivity differences between right-handed and left-handed individuals.

Patricia aspires to inspire other talented young minds and is motivated by the prospect of being a trailblazer.

Apart from her academic pursuits, Patricia is a skilled violinist and enjoys quality time with her family, playing with her cats, and indulging in TV shows.

After a well-deserved summer break, she plans to pursue postgraduate studies, with top choices including McGill University, the University of Toronto, and the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Her future goals involve establishing her own research lab to continue exploring functional activity in the cerebellum with a team of researchers under her leadership.

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