Fan Gets Kicked Out Of Megan Thee Stallion Concert For Throwing Phone At Her

by Grace Somes
Megan Thee Stallion || Image credit: @theestallion

Despite Megan Thee Stallion’s attempt to intervene, explaining that the fan didn’t intend to throw the phone on stage, security still escorted the fan out of the concert

Megan Thee Stallion is the most recent performer to have something thrown at her during a performance.

The rapper has been having a great time while on tour, but sometimes, overly excited fans can temporarily interfere.

New footage recently surfaced online of a fan ‘misbehaving,’ and security was very quick to respond. 

A fan threw their phone onstage during a recent performance during the Grammy winner’s “Hot Girl Summer Tour” stop at the Wells Fargo Centre on Wednesday, May 22.

In the video uploaded to The Neighbourhood Talk, an overly eager fan apparently couldn’t wait to ask their favorite for a picture and decided to take matters into their own hands while the “BOA” lyricist was on stage.

The phone flies toward Megan as she walks across the stage in a blue jumpsuit and big hair. It happily misses Megan Thee Stallion and ricochets off the platform, falling into the throng somewhere. 

A startled Megan halts in midair and then turns to face the direction from which the phone was launched. She seems to brush the incident off with a laugh and begins to wonder why the fan thought that was a brilliant idea. But before she can say anything more, security dashes to get the phone-thrower out of the building.

The Houston Hottie is heard and seen telling the guards, “Hold on, friend, she ain’t mean it,” as security moves quickly to remove the attendee.

In a different video, the fan who threw the phone is heard saying, “I didn’t mean to hit nobody,” pleading with the security personnel to return her phone before she leaves. Meg was willing to put the incident behind her, but the security was adamant.

What appeared to be knickers was thrown onto the stage by another fan. Still, security grabbed them before the ‘Savage’ rapper could see them.

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