First Female Mayor Of Small Illinois Town Accused Of Misusing Tax Dollars On Lavish Expenses In Las Vegas

by Gee NY

The mayor of Dolton, Tiffany Henyard, is under scrutiny as allegations emerge of her spending tax dollars on extravagant trips and various personal expenses in Las Vegas.

The claims against the Henyard have prompted a lawsuit and concerns about the village’s financial stability.

Henyard, who made history as the first woman elected mayor of Dolton in 2021, is facing accusations from Brittney Norwood, a Dolton trustee overseeing the village’s finances.

Norwood, listed as a defendant in a lawsuit filed in December, claims that Henyard’s spending practices have led to mounting debt and potential fraud.

According to a report by the Atlanta Black Star, the lawsuit alleges that Henyard’s actions “constitute a fraud upon the residents and taxpayers of the village” and points out that her blocking access to village accounts has hindered a clear understanding of the financial situation.

Among the reported expenses are nearly $4,000 on round-trip flights to Las Vegas, substantial restaurant bills, and significant investments in personal security, diverting officers from their duties in the small town with a population of around 20,600 residents.

Criticism has also been directed at Henyard for the installation of expensive self-promotional billboards across the village and the hiring of DJs for board meetings.

Additionally, her proposal of a 90 percent salary cut as a deterrent for potential opponents has raised eyebrows, as winning would allow her to retain her annual $224,000 salary.

Brittney Norwood, expressing concerns about Dolton’s financial health, claims the village is currently $7 million in debt. She believes that without regulation on Henyard’s spending, bankruptcy is imminent.

The trustees are now relying on legal action to hold the mayor accountable.

“The court process is a lengthy process… But during that time period, they’re constantly spending,” Norwood explained.

Norwood added:

“I think that the residents should know that she’s manipulative. So I want them to understand that we were fighting for what’s right. All we want is for her to provide transparency and for her to do what’s right by the community.”

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