Kamala Harris Calls For Voter Vigilance And Condemns Trump’s Role In Abortion Rights Reversal

by Gee NY

During an exclusive interview with CNN’s Laura Coates in Wisconsin, Vice President Kamala Harris, squarely pinned the blame on former President Donald Trump for the recent reversal of Roe v. Wade.

She asserted that Trump is proud of the silent suffering of women without a guaranteed right to abortion.

Harris emphasized Trump’s clear intentions and expressed concern over his apparent pride in the restrictive abortion laws that emerged following the Supreme Court ruling.

The vice president stated:

“So, let’s understand that the stakes are so very high.”

In the interview, Harris previewed a central argument for the upcoming election, highlighting the contrast between the Biden administration’s stance on reproductive rights and Trump’s role in overturning Roe v. Wade.

She rejected Trump’s claims of political persecution related to his legal issues, stating:

“What he’s saying is not factual, period.” Harris urged vigilance in protecting democracy, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a free and fair election system.

The vice president’s comments come ahead of the New Hampshire primary, where Trump maintains a lead against GOP rival Nikki Haley.

Responding to criticisms from Haley, Harris addressed the challenges powerful women often face, stating:

“I think that most women who have risen in their profession… have had similar experiences.”


As Harris and President Biden gear up for the election, abortion rights emerge as a central theme, with Democrats seizing on the issue following the 2022 Supreme Court decision.

Harris plans a national “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms Tour” and will join Biden in a joint rally to draw attention to abortion rights.

The Biden campaign unveiled a new television ad featuring a testimonial from a Texas OB-GYN, targeting young female voters during the season premiere of ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

While acknowledging the challenges in fully restoring Roe, Harris affirmed Biden’s commitment to sign protections into law if Congress acts.

“The stakes are high,” she concluded.

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