Solange + Earl Sweatshirt To Hold Fundraiser For Los Angeles Chef #freechefalisa

by Yah Yah

This Friday (August 11), Solange and Earl Sweatshirt will hold a fundraiser for soul-food restaurant My 2 Cents owner, chef Alisa Reynolds. The Wind And Grind event will be at a secret location, and the proceeds will benefit local chef Alisa Reynolds, owner of renowned soul food restaurant 2 Cents LA.

Chef Alisa Reynold is currently raising funds to settle a lawsuit with backers via her GoFundMe page. In a heart-wrenching statement, the chef explains her situation:

“For the past two years, I have suffered in silence because of a legal battle. Honestly, I am facing the biggest obstacle of my professional life. If you have ever watched me cook, you know that I am most careful to take my time to bring out tremendous flavor in the food I prepare. My challenge is from individuals that originally backed my expertise.

The work that I do and the level of proficiency that I employ, took time to perfect. Each day, I spend countless hours honing my culinary skills so that only the best food is eaten by the people I love. Unfortunately, some of my early backers misunderstood the culinary process and decided to sue me.

As a self-confident and proud woman, I have no problem working hard to correct problems. I have spent all of my money and also repeatedly tried to resolve this matter peacefully. However, this fight will only end if I settle this lawsuit for $130,000…”

Tickets for the event have already sold out, but you can donate to chef Alisa Reynolds’ GoFundMe page by clicking here.

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