Halle Bailey Defends Decision To Keep Her Pregnancy Private: “I Protected My Own Peace”

by Gee NY

“The Color Purple” star Halle Bailey is facing criticism on social media after revealing her decision to keep her pregnancy private.

While Bailey has explained her choice, some users are expressing dissatisfaction with how she handled the announcement.

Over the weekend, a Twitter user known as EchoDoesRadio shared grievances about Bailey’s decision to share details about her pregnancy now, stating that people are not upset about the privacy but more annoyed by what they perceive as Bailey’s previous deception and gaslighting.

Bailey responded, defending her choice and clarifying that she never lied about her pregnancy.

She emphasized the importance of protecting her peace and expressed confusion about why people are upset when she is now choosing to share details about her son.

“I never lied or even said anything about it honey , making a joke about my nose was the farthest i went,” said the mom of one. “i’ll never understand why you are mad i protected my own peace, wouldn’t you do the same?”

Despite Bailey’s explanation, some users, like @_ErielSimone, voiced disapproval, urging Bailey to enjoy her time with her child in peace.

Bailey responded, questioning why those who claim not to care are engaging in the conversation.

The star, who has been under public scrutiny since speculations about her pregnancy in the summer of 2023, has received support from a substantial online community.

Fans defended her right to privacy, with one stating that even if Bailey did lie, it is not other people’s business whether she was pregnant or not.

The online conversation continued, with Echo expressing a desire to see Bailey share details going forward instead of revisiting past actions.

Bailey’s boyfriend and father of her child, DDG, also joined the conversation with a light-hearted comment on Echo’s profile picture.

Earlier this year, Bailey and DDG announced the arrival of their first child, Halo, in 2023. Despite the online discourse, Bailey shared a heartfelt post on Instagram welcoming her son to the world.

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