K. Michelle’s New Blonde Hair, ‘White’ Skin Spark Bleaching Rumors – Again!

by Grace Somes
K Michelle || Image credit: @kmichellemusic

Even though K. Michelle has always been transparent with the public, particularly regarding her cosmetic surgery, some people think she’s skipped out on giving the deets about her skin-lightening routine.

This week, the singer of ‘Can’t Raise a Man’ posted a photo of herself to Instagram, sparking debate among followers in the comments section. People were scratching their heads because K. Michelle’s skin tone seemed lighter than usual in the picture.

For K. Michelle, this isn’t the first time she has faced speculation about skin bleaching.

In 2022, Michelle responded to skin-bleaching rumors right after she shared her health struggles, especially the painful removal of her black market butt injections.

She explained that she has never had her skin bleached but has had nose surgery and implants, which have changed her appearance.

“Let’s get things clear: 1. Bleaching: I’ve never done it and have no idea how. “I just became perfectly healthy a month ago. Unlike your favorites, I told the world about my butt. My goal was to assist women. My ass is all real now. What happens next? Yes, my nose is pinched.”

Despite her explanation, the rumors have popped up again after she recently shared a video of herself wearing full-frontal, back-length blond wavy tresses.


While some fans accused the singer of deliberately altering her skin color, others explained that her lighter complexion may simply result from makeup and lighting.

Some even reference that Beyonce has recently sported a similar ‘lighter’ look since going country.

“Ok, light skin K.eisha -Michelle,” one fan noted.

“Who is this white lady,” another added.

One thing is inevitable despite the rumors: K. Michelle is a talented and artistic singer. Regardless of her complexion type—blonde, brunette, light- or dark-skinned—she never fails to enthrall audiences with her captivating charisma and strong voice.

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